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Rock around the Jukebox Open - Air market May 12th 2019

To participate:
Dutch and Belgium participators need a subscription of the Jukebox Fanaat Memory lane magazine. The registration forms will be sent with this magazine which is cost effective so we can keep the participation costs low. For other countries no requirement of a subscription (send an e-mail to receive the registration form).
A sample of the magazine is to be seen at the Jukebox Fanaat Memory lane magazine section.
For questions or a registration form email  info@jukeboxfanaat.nl or call us +31-(0)73 5218889.

Participation prices:
Outside: (if available) 
Ground place or with stall: 5.50 meter long and 5.00 meter deep (car stays on your place all day). One place is free entrance for 2 persons and one car. Ground place €35,00 (including electricity)
Place with stall each €50,00 (including electricity).    
Outside other size: €1,25 m² (including car(s) on your place).
As an extra: stall €15,00, electricity €25,00. Size of stall 4 meter x 0.90 meter.

Inside: (if available) 
Table:  €45,00 (including space behind table) - electricity €25,00
Place: €3,75 m² (Fill in the size you want).
As an extra: table €15,00, electricity €25,00. Size of table 4 meter x 0.90 meter.
No partition walls. No cars allowed inside.

Rules for participants effective 01-01-2019
To participate goods must be related to the 50s, 60s and 70s style.
Goods are located in the building or the surrounding grounds at the expense and risk of the participant. The organizers are not liable for damages arising from any cause whatsoever to property, car(s) or persons caused by or in connection with participation in the event. Neither the organizers are liable for damage to third parties. The participant shall indemnify the organizers for claims of third parties in this respect. The participant is liable for and is to be compulsorily insured against any damage caused by actions or negligence of himself, his staff or by his entries, in any manner whatsoever, of goods and/or persons employed by or on behalf of the organizers is caused. The participant shall indemnify the organizers against any claims that might make others governing the subject. Participants are obliged to follow the regulations and/or instructions. If for any reason the organizers decide that the participant is excluded from the event, there’s no refund of participation fee. Damage caused by participant(s) has to be paid.
In case of cancellation the participation fee minus € 10.00 administration fee is refundable only if cancellation is at least 48 hours before the event. The Event-insurance for May12th 2019 covers 
€ 2.500.000,00 for each claim with a max of € 5.000.000,00.
Fire and safety regulations
In a tent bigger than 3 x 3 meters a fire extinguisher is obliged which you have to bring yourselves. Inside the buildings it’s a non-smoking area and open fire is forbidden everywhere. All emergency exits and fire extinguishers have to be visible, free accessible and operational inside and outside. Passages, stairs etc. have to be fully accessible too. All cables, power cords etc. on paths, passages etc. have to be taped to the floor.
Carpeting and decoration have to be fire retardant and to be kept away from lamps, machines etc. generating heat. Around the Autotron building a driveway of 3.5 meters wide must be kept free for Fire Department, Ambulance, Police etc. All commands and instructions concerning (fire) safety have to be followed. Not doing so may result into a fine.
If Extreme (Dangerous) weather forces the organisation to cancel the event, your payment less
€ 10.00 administration costs will be refund.





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