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It all started in 1982 with the purchase of a jukebox, a Seeburg AY160 of 1961. Ernst Aalders restored the cabinet, his father Frits rebuilt the amplifier and selection receiver. Frits has always been a tube amplifier specialist. Shortly after Ernst bought a Seeburg V200 of 1955. For ‘fathers day’ Ernst gave his dad a book called ‘Verzamelen is ook een kunst’. In this book there was an article about a jukebox collector, Mr. Ger Rosendahl. Frits and Ernst visited him and after seeing his collection of jukeboxes they too started collecting them.

They quickly found  out that there were not many people who could rebuilt amplifiers or jukebox mechanisms and that a lot of parts were hard to find. So Frits started to reproduce instruction-glasses and offered a professional service for rebuilding amps or whole jukeboxes.
In 1983 Frits decided to send a free information magazine called ‘de Jukebox Fanaat’ to about 25 persons.
In February 1984 they held the first meeting of jukebox owners and collectors in their building including a live performance of Big Jeff & the Hurricane Rollers followed by a meeting in June with more than 200 visitors.
The old jukeboxes became more and more popular, so did the annual meeting and the interest for the magazine ‘de Jukebox Fanaat’ grew.
In 1987 the magazine already had 1500 subscribers. At present there are 3500 subscribers. In 1988 the meeting moved to the Autotron car museum in Rosmalen. They then grew to become an event which got the name ‘Rock around the Jukebox’. With 300 jukeboxes for sale and 20.000 visitors in one weekend it became the biggest jukebox event in the world!

De Jukebox Fanaat still organizes these events including a big musical program where many artists have performed. Producing reproduction parts for old jukeboxes, organizing the events and publishing ‘de Jukebox Fanaat’ had become a full-time job.
In the early morning of November 14th 1989 a big fire burned out the building of Frits and Ernst. Their entire collection of 32 jukeboxes, 12 classic cars and other collectors items were lost. Now, years later, there is a smaller private collection. The reproduction parts for jukeboxes are still being sold under the name ‘Jukebox Parts Service’. Now Ernst and Marij Aalders still run this business with pleasure and passion.

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